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Overview - RPV Green Boards™

RPV Green Boards is a technologically advanced Green building material. RPV Green Board is a fire proof and a thermal insulation building material. RPV Green Boards are manufactured with less energy and zero carbon footprints. Natural Minerals as it's raw materials includes magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, Perlite, fiberglass mesh, non-woven fabric etc. It can be used for interior or exterior applications in residential house, villa, sound studios, schools, public areas, movie theatres, shopping centers and any area where the fireproof function required.

RPV Green Boards™ Application

RPV Green Boards are widely used primarily as wallboard alternative to conventional fiber cement board, particle board and gypsum-based drywall. It can be scored and snapped, sawed, drilled, and fastened to steel frames.

Its widely used for all residential, commercial, industrial and institutional construction, such as wall and ceiling linings, exterior cladding, soffits, tile backing and flooring underlay.

RPV Green Boards™ Features

  • Fire Proof & Non-combustible
  • NO Flame spread & No Smoke
  • Water & Moisture Resistant
  • Strong & High Strength
  • Anti - Termite, Non - Toxic, 100% Green Minerals
  • Nailable / Sawable / Laminated
  • Excellent Acoustic due to higher density and elasticity
  • Reusable / Recyclable / Multipurpose
  • High Insulation - Cool in Summers & warm in Winters.

  • MgO Application



  • 6mm (1220mm x 2440mm)
  • 8mm (1220mm x 2440mm)
  • 10mm (1220mm x 2440mm)
  • 18mm (1220mm x 2440mm)
  • FireProof Door Core 30mm (900mm x 2100mm)
  • ResCom Board 10mm (1220mm x 2440mm)


  • 6mm - False Ceilings / Plaster
  • 8mm - Interior Walls / Cladding
  • 10mm - Interior / Exterior Walls
  • 18mm - Mezzanine Flooring / Partitions
  • FireProof Door Core 30mm - Fire Proof Doors
  • ResCom Board 10mm - External / Wet Areas


  • 6mm - Greater than or Equal to 1 Hour.
  • 6mm-12mm - 1-2 Hours.
  • 12mm above - Greater than or Equal to 2 Hours.
  • ResCom Board 10mm - 45 Mins
  • FireProof Door Core 30mm - 60 Mins

  • Non-Combustible at 800℃
  • No Flames at 1200℃ and No Smoke


    Green / Environment Protection / Fireproof

  • Skin Layer : RPV Green Boards
  • Basic material: Rockwook or PUF
  • Thickness: 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm
  • Max width: 1200mm
  • Length: 2440mm
  • Application: Cold Storage, Modular Office, Portable cabins, PEB Etc.

    RPV Fire Proof Door Core can be used as Core Material for Fireproof Doors as Extensive Fire protection area due to its Non-Combustible, Light Weight & Green properties with Zero Smoke and Flame Spread, Class A Fire Rating features. Its Excellent Fire Resistant properties helps us to protect the buildings from Fire Accidents with No Flame / smoke development or Flame spread.

    LGSF - Cold Formed Light Gauge Steel Frame

    Cold Formed Steel Construction is an advanced precise system using the latest technology. It provides a building system with the key competitive advantages of speed maximisation and waste minimisation. Light Gauge Steel Frames (LGSF) could be manufactured in a factory and assembled in to LGSF structures and then transported to the construction site and then erected wall by wall on a pre-built concrete floor as per the floor plan of the building. We can construct buildings from Ground Floor up to G + 14. These methods can be effectively used to create Single Storied or Multi Storied buildings.




      The main raw material for RPV Green Board is magnesium oxide, which is a non combustible material. According to CE standard EN12476:2012, Reaction to fire for RPV Green Board is Grade A

      This means that RPV Green Board does not burn and it's rated with zero flame and zero smoke spread.

      Also during fire accident RPV Green board actually realeases water that is chemically bound. within the board. Further more, RPV Green board is noncombustible of Class A Building Material and cound be 1-4 hours fire rating wall system.



      RPV Green Boards has excellent water resistance properties. It allows for long-term exposure to a moist environment. Test results prove that after this material has been immersed in water for one month and repeated freeze-thaw cycles

      It doesnot swell, delaminate, wrap, disintegrate when exposed to a wet environment. Remarkably, it is also impermeable to water and this allows the board to be used as a wall-board in construction where breathable walls are specified.



      RPV Green Boards is an excellent accoustic dampening material with highter strength and elasticity.

      For 6mm board, the sound insulation can be 29db.
      Two layers of 9mm board+50mm rock wool+75mm keel, sound insulation can reach 42db.
      Also it has good performance of heat preservation as the main raw material, magnesium oxide, is a natural fireproof and heat insulation material, which makes the board a material of thermal conductivity - 0.161 W/(m.K), while the cement material is about 0.2-0.25 W/(m.K).



      As its density is not relatively high, the board can be classified as light weight compared to other products attempting to achieve the same weight to strength ratio and as such it can greatly decrease the weight of a building.

      At the same time, the material is high-strength and not easily damaged. The board is with better performance, versatile use, high strength, faster finising, water resistance etc, it's an economical alternative for the materials with similar characteristics.


      About us

      RPV Industries is extended arm of Australian based MNC "Mgo Corporation pty ltd" & Marketing of RPV Green Boards, Laminated Boards & Light Steel Frame Structures for Green Housing Concept

      Other Features

      • Fire Resistant
      • Flame Resistant
      • Sound Resistant
      • Heat Resistant
      • Impact Resistant
      • Water Resistant
      • Termite Resistant
      • 100% Green / Non Toxic

      Applications of RPV Green Boards

      • Dry Wall Partition
      • Furnitures
      • Wall Cladding
      • Interior wall
      • Exterior wall
      • Exterior sheathing
      • Fire Proof Doors
      • Prefab Construction